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We've made changes to our licence arrangements. For updated information and to obtain a copy of our current Financial Services Guide, click here.

Best of breed insurance for dive schools and associations keeps you protected from unforeseen risks.

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Combined Public, Products & Professional Indemnity Liability (Dive Schools)

Indigo Trade Liability Insurance

Some Dive Schools say it matters which Dive Association you belong to. But our clients who have been faced with a law suit when their Business and Home are on the line would say: It matters more which Insurance Policy You Carry!

Dive Master’s Trade Indigo Liability Insurance Policy ‘Trade INDIGO’ is the front runner in Trade Liability Policies and covers all the major Dive Associations. Most other policies do not cover diver training to all the major Dive Associations standards.

Dive Master’s Trade Indigo Liability Insurance Policy covers ‘slip and trip’ in your Store, giving wrong advice in the Class Room, using your compressor, servicing and Marine Liability on the boats that you use for business purposes.

With specialist knowledge of the diving industry, and as the leading provider of diving insurance Dive Master offers the following unique cover for the associated risks of the recreational dive trade:

  • Advice and instruction.
  • Failure to give correct advice.
  • Training in all recreational dive training courses including Technical Diving.
  • Training and instruction away from your own premises.
  • Training anywhere in the world (excl. USA and Canada).
  • Hiring, selling & servicing of dive equipment;
  • Liability between trainees under the supervision of your dive centre/school;
  • Liability for handling boats up to 15 metres in length in connection with your business.
  • Principals (i.e. Schools/Hotels/Tour Operators) if they are joined in a suit against you;
  • Advice given by your employees whether full time, part time or voluntary;
  • Liability of operating a compressor.
  • Unlimited legal defence costs for civil liability claims
  • Legal defence costs for Health & Safety prosecutions.
  • Cover for Underwater Scientific and Film and Media projects.

Optional Cover

  • Product Liability on the goods and services you provide.
  • Inland dive sites, lakes, pits, reservoirs and cave systems.
  • Manufacturing and distribution of diving related products.
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