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Dreaming of sailing away into the great unknown? Cover yourself for unforeseen hazards.

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Blue Water Cruising Insurance

At some point in time most people have dreamed of making that ‘Once in a Lifetime’ trip, jumping aboard your boat and sailing off into the big blue yonder.

Are you one of the lucky ones who are going to make this dream a reality?

If so you will appreciate the importance of being prepared and planning your journey early. Arranging cover on your boat for it’s over-seas trip can be difficult with most national insurers reluctant to cover anything outside 250 Nautical Miles from land.

However, we have products which can cover you however far your planned journey will take you, whether a short trip close to home such as to New Zealand, or an extended round the world trip. Let us help guide you through the process of ensuring your vessel is ready and making sure your cover matches your itinerary.

Due to the challenging nature and large distances involved with a Blue Water Cruise there are a number of extra factors above those of normal Insurance policies that an insurer will take into account.

These factors range from the cyclone and storm seasons, which you may be travelling through, to the offshore safety equipment aboard the vessels and how many people will be crewing during the voyage.

To get a quote please contact us so that we can discuss your needs for your forthcoming voyage.

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